Better Value

ShareBrief’s flexible licensing, specialised features and matter-based invoicing delivers exactly what lawyers need without incurring expensive software costs.

Better Security

ShareBrief's best-in-class security features include two factor authentication, strong encryption and granular user permissions to maintain greater control over client-matter documents.

Better Support

With ShareBrief you aren't boxed out of support for not being an enterprise customer. Every Project Site user receives access to email and telephonic user support.

More Features

Benefit from important industry-appropriate features like advanced classification fields, index generation, online redaction, electronic pagination, user audit logs, matter archiving and much more.

More Convenient

Avoid using multiple products and passwords to manage your client project files across file sharing apps, litigation review systems, virtual deal rooms and contract repositories

More Control

Avoid risks of inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents using automatic desktop to cloud synching apps. Maintain proper client matter firewalls using separate project sites accessed via a single login.

Solutions that work

ShareBrief’s high security, specialised industry features and matter-based invoicing works to deliver exactly what lawyers need so they can maintain focus on actual legal work, not the technology that supports it.  

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